Soccer Spread Explained

With the point spread on the odds, we’re making sure every wager from the player is with “commission”. In this case, wager from both team will be spread included. These adjustments in the points are referred to as the spread. 


Here’s an example.

soccer spread betting

The odds are as follows:

If you bet $100 on Wolverhampton Wanderers, you would win $98. To calculate that you need to use the odds of 0.98 multiplied by $100:


$100 x 0.98 = $98


If you were to pick Tottenham Hotspurs, betting $100, you would win $94. It is calculated as such:


$100 x 0.94 = $94


On the other hand, no matter which wage we lose, we will also be taking the full wage of $100.

You might ask, why do we need to add spreads to the odds? Because that’s where our salary comes from.

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